Gravina di Catania: Couple Discovers Thief in Their Home and Tries to Catch Him; Woman Gets Injured during the Struggle

A couple returns home and finds a thief in action, resulting in a violent struggle where all three of them are injured. This is the initial reconstruction of the events that took place in Gravina di Catania. The 57-year-old woman has cuts on various parts of her body and face. Her 60-year-old husband is also in the hospital, as he was the first to be attacked by the 24-year-old thief, who then used a knife or glass to injure the woman. The thief is also in the emergency room, and the exact details of the incident are still being investigated by the police.

Gravina di Catania, coppia scopre un ladro in casa e cerca di bloccarlo: la donna sfregiata nella colluttazione

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