Grandma Giuseppe’s hundred years in Calascibetta: record-breaking birthday celebration.

It is a real landmark in the whole town, the historical memory of the village, which still recalls the terrible period of the war. Giuseppa Napoli is not only celebrating her name day, but also a record milestone: she has indeed blown out a hundred candles and all of Calascibetta is celebrating for her.

Even the mayor contributed to making her birthday even more special: Piero Capizzi presented a plaque to Nonna Giuseppa to pay tribute to her century of life, lived intensely and always with a smile on her face. Celebrating alongside the new centenarian are her dearest loved ones, from her two children to her grandchildren, to other relatives, friends, and many acquaintances who love her in Calascibetta.

A housewife, born in 1924, Nonna Giuseppa has always worked alongside her husband, who passed away in 2013, in the agriculture sector. “She has always been animated by a great spirit of sacrifice – say those who know her – and she has never held back. She lived for her family, a woman of great moral principles.” Nonna Giuseppa still has great lucidity and still cultivates her passion: crochet. For her, on the day of the celebration, there were balloons, flowers, and many hugs, which she welcomed with joy and emotion.

A Calascibetta i cento anni di nonna Giuseppe: festa per il compleanno da record

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