Grand celebration at Castellammare del Golfo for Nonno Sebastiano’s 101st birthday: still driving and has 20 grandchildren

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A great record in Castellammare del Golfo, where Sebastiano Lentini celebrated his 101st birthday. It’s a party for the grandfather who everyone in the town loves: perfectly self-sufficient, he still drives his car and enjoys taking long walks.

With a cheerful and always positive personality, many celebrated with him this important milestone: even the mayor, Giuseppe Fausto, congratulated Lentini, calling him an “example of strength and resilience for having overcome many difficulties and complicated historical moments. He reached 101 years in perfect health and complete autonomy. The administration and the whole city of Castellammare del Golfo wish the long-lived fellow citizen Sebastiano many more years of health and serenity surrounded by the affection of his family. Happy birthday grandpa Sebastiano!”

He was widowed last year when his wife Maria passed away at the age of 95. The couple did not have children, but Sebastiano Lentini has twenty grandchildren and twenty-five great-grandchildren and has always been surrounded by his loved ones. Just like on his birthday, when he was surrounded by balloons and applause. A farmer, he then managed a grocery store on Via Piave for many years. The mayor presented him, in addition to a large bouquet of flowers, a scroll to commemorate the great achievement.

Grande festa a Castellammare del Golfo per i 101 anni di nonno Sebastiano: guida ancora l’auto e ha 20 nipoti

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