Giuseppe Milazzo, former councilor and football team president, dies.

Marsala mourns the death of lawyer Giuseppe Milazzo, former city councilor and president of the local soccer team. He had been ill for several years, but was known for his strong will and refusal to give up, even during his final days. He was heavily involved in politics and had often opposed the decisions of the city administrations in the past. After resigning as president of the Marsala Calcio in 2018 for personal reasons, he continued to fight his illness with the same determination. The Marsala Calcio expressed condolences for his passing, and many others, including friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, also expressed their condolences and remembered him as a strong and determined man. His accomplishments as president of the soccer team and his advocacy for the citizens in politics were also remembered and praised.

Marsala: è morto Giuseppe Milazzo, ex consigliere comunale e presidente della squadra di calcio

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