GIP of Palermo appoints panel of experts after death following vaccine

A group of experts will answer questions about the death of teacher Cinzia Pennino, who died at 46 on March 28th, 2021, 17 days after receiving the Astrazeneca vaccine. The judge in Palermo has decided to proceed with the trial for manslaughter against Vincenzo Fazio, the doctor who administered the vaccine. According to the prosecution, Pennino died from a thrombosis caused by the medication. The woman was obese and should have received an mRNA vaccine like Pfizer and Moderna, according to the accusation. A week before the inoculation in late March 2021, she went to get vaccinated, but the attending doctor told her to come back because, considering her physical condition, she couldn’t receive the Astrazeneca vaccine. The prosecution argues that Fazio did not follow this caution, which resulted in the woman’s death. The judge has accepted the request of the appointed forensic doctor, Dr. Manfredi Rubino, to be accompanied by a pathologist and an infectious disease specialist. The hearing has been postponed to November 16th for the appointment of additional experts. The sister of Pennino has joined the trial as a civil party, represented by lawyers Luigi Miceli and Alessandro Palmigiano. The defendant is represented by attorney Dario Gallo.

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