Giarre man arrested with seven kilos of drugs and protected turtles

Three kilograms of marijuana and almost 4 kilograms of hashish were confiscated by the carabinieri in the house of a 23-year-old man on house arrest in the residence where he lived with his parents in the Macchia di Giarre fraction. The young man was arrested for possession of drugs.

The operation was carried out by the carabinieri of the operational unit of the Giarre company. The police officers also found that the young man and his family had also carried out a significant building abuse: using a municipal rule that provided for the “granting of the right to use for the adoption of green areas owned by the municipality”, they had illegally occupied the public area in front of their home, fenced it off, and had built an underground pool and a terrarium housing 11 turtles protected by the Washington Convention, which were seized and entrusted to the fauna and hunting department of Catania. The young man was again placed under house arrest, but with the aggravating factor of an electronic bracelet.

Giarre, in casa sette chili di droga e tartarughe protette: arrestato

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