Giarratana Municipal Council: Requirements and Application for Engineers and Architects

The Municipality of Giarratana, in the province of Ragusa, has published a call for expert technicians within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. There are three technical profiles (engineers or architects) to whom collaboration assignments will be entrusted at the Municipalities of Giarratana, Acate, and Monterosso. The winning candidates will be given the assignment of professional performance as a competent technical support and design, execution of public works and interventions, and management of procedures related to their implementation, in order to support the Municipal Offices, without any subordination constraint, regulated by a specific self-employment contract. The contract must be signed by April 30, 2024, and will expire on November 30, 2026.


Candidates must have the following requirements: be Italian citizens or citizens of another European Union Member State or other category indicated in the call; be at least 18 years old and not exceeding the ordinary limit for the stay of personnel in public administrations; physical fitness to perform the functions to which the competition refers; enjoyment of civil and political rights; not being excluded from political suffrage; not having been dismissed or discharged from employment with a public administration for persistent insufficient performance; not having been declared forfeited or dismissed from a state employment; not having received criminal convictions, passed in court, for offenses that involve disqualification from public offices; not being subject to security or prevention measures, not having pending criminal proceedings that prevent the establishment of a public employment relationship with the Public Administration; for male candidates, regular status with regard to military service obligations according to the current Italian legislation.

Specific requirements
Candidates must have some specific requirements: a degree in engineering or architecture obtained according to the regulations before D.M. 509/1999 (old system) or a master’s/specialist degree in engineering or architecture obtained according to D.M. 509/99 or D.M. 270/2004 (new system), or equivalent qualifications; at least seven years of professional experience, proven from the date of registration with the relevant professional register; specific knowledge of current regulations on public tenders, building permits, and environmental procedures with a particular focus on the technical sector; proficiency in the use of currently used computer applications; coordination skills and technical expertise, as well as the ability to interact with the various institutional levels involved in the implementation of technical interventions; authorization to practice as an architect or engineer and registration with the relevant professional register.

How to apply
The participation application must be submitted by April 4, 2024, exclusively online, through the InPa Portal.

Comune di Giarratana, bando per ingegneri e architetti: i requisiti, come presentare la domanda

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