German hiker stranded 100 meters high, rescued at night in Monte Cofano

A 29-year-old German hiker got stuck on a cliff at Monte Cofano in Trapani, Italy. She reached the top of the mountain but had trouble descending and ended up on a steep wall. She slipped and managed to stop herself on a small slope where she used her cellphone to signal for help. The SOS Valderice volunteer association noticed the signals and alerted the authorities. An Italian Air Force helicopter in the area was directed towards the lights. The Alpine Rescue was called in for the difficult rescue mission, and they sent two teams on foot while requesting assistance from the Air Force. Initially, two technicians were flown close to the stranded hiker, but due to strong winds, they were unable to assess the situation. After a second unsuccessful attempt, it was decided that the rescue team would climb the wall from the bottom in the dark. The helicopter dropped off an Alpine Rescue team at the base of the cliff, and they successfully reached the terrified and dehydrated hiker at around 4 am. She had minor injuries and was slowly lowered to the ground using ropes. An ambulance was waiting to take her to the hospital, and the police were also present at the scene.

Monte Cofano, salvata di notte escursionista tedesca bloccata a 100 metri d’altezza

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