Gela municipality offers citizens adopting a dog a reduction in Tari

Operational meeting in the municipality to address the issue of stray dogs. Important decisions have been made to reduce the costs of the service and at the same time contain abandonments and the consequent admissions to the two kennels. The meeting was attended by the mayor Lucio Greco, the manager Mario Picone, the commander of the municipal police Giuseppe Montana, the inspector Giuseppe Anzaldi, the general secretary Carolina Ferro, the provincial director of the veterinary service of the Asp, Luigi Farruggia and the managers of the two kennels, Salvatore Romano ( and Nuccia Manciavillano (Dog Village). After a brief suspension for internal administrative reasons within the Asp, sterilization interventions will resume on Thursday, December 14th at 9:00 am. It has also been decided to reorganize the reservation service, which will be managed by an employee of the municipal police department. The reference number is 0933.906.801. To incentivize adoptions, the municipality has decided to provide a bonus. Any citizen who adopts a dog will have a reduction in the Tari. A reduction always in accordance with art.251 of Legislative Decree 267/2000. To contain the costs of the service, some significant measures have been decided. The first one is imminent. The municipal police department will intensify checks to verify the registration of any domestic dog in the dog registry. A microchip reader will allow a team of city guards to monitor the territory. It is important to remember that registering your pet in the dog registry is a legal obligation, subject to heavy administrative sanctions.

Comune di Gela, i cittadini che adottano un cane avranno uno sgravio sulla Tari

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