Gela mourns Elisa Nuara: Lawyer who loved politics and served as deputy mayor of Crocetta.

The article reports the passing of Elisa Nuara, a criminal lawyer and teacher at the Don Luigi Sturzo institute with a passion for politics. She was seventy years old and had served as deputy mayor in Rosario Crocetta’s administration. Her death has caused great sorrow in the legal world, where she was highly esteemed. Over the years, she held various prominent positions in leftist politics, from the Italian Communist Party (PCI) to the Democratic Party (PD), and she also served as a municipal assessor. One of Nuara’s most significant professional achievements was her appointment as a judge of the Council of Administrative Justice. Numerous messages of condolences have been received from the political world, with Crocetta praising Nuara’s dedication to social and civil engagement, anti-mafia advocacy, and respect for the law. Other political figures and the school where she taught have also expressed their deep sorrow and condolences for her loss.

Gela, è morta Elisa Nuara: avvocato che amava la politica e che fu vicesindaco di Crocetta

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