Gay couple in Palermo seeks custody of 17-year-old girl; she urges judge to act quickly.

A 17-year-old girl from Palermo, who was living in a foster home, was taken in by a gay couple of dancers from the Teatro Massimo while waiting for a decree that would legally make them her guardians. She wrote to the president of the juvenile court asking to speed up the process to fulfill her dream of belonging to her new family. The girl had a difficult childhood and was removed from her natural family. The couple, Marcello Carini and Gianluca Mascia, has been deemed suitable for guardianship by the court and social services, but the final step is still pending: the decree that legally assigns the girl to the two dancers. The president of the court, Flora Randazzo, assured that there is no discrimination against same-sex couples and promised to expedite the process.

A Palermo una coppia gay chiede l’affidamento di una ragazza di 17 anni, lei scrive al giudice: «Fate presto»

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