Gas explosion from a cistern on Palermo-Agrigento: Two workers gravely injured, two co-workers hospitalized

Four workers were intoxicated by argon gas at a construction site between Mezzojuso and Vicari, in the province of Palermo, while they were welding a tank filled with gas. Two are in serious condition at the Civico hospital, where they were taken by helicopter. The others were transported by ambulance. The welders were inside a tank at a service area of ​​the 121 Palermo-Agrigento highway. One of them felt ill from inhaling the gas and the others intervened to save him. The two in critical condition are 49 and 57 years old, the others, in stable condition, are 22 and 24 years old.

Inalano gas da una cisterna sulla Palermo-Agrigento: gravi due operai e ricoverati altri due colleghi

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