Gang rape in Palermo, girl’s lawyer: “Defense tries to discredit her”

Explain briefly the following article:

“There is an incoming phone call around one o’clock from a person who has not been involved in the phases of this process until today, It would have lasted a few seconds, and a message from my assisted around two. These would be the evidence that would undermine the credibility of the young woman I assist. Besides the fact that the young woman was dazed, drugged, and drunk and may not remember anything.” This is what lawyer Carla Garofalo, who is assisting the victim of rape in an abandoned construction site at the Foro Italico in Palermo on July 7th, says that six young men, who were adults at the time of the incident, are charged with. One has already been convicted by the judge for minors, where he was tried because he had not yet turned eighteen that day. The girl, on the other hand, was 19.”

“During the violence – adds lawyer Garofalo – the phone fell several times and it was Angelo Flores who held it and answered. The defense strategy is clear, that of discrediting the victim as we have seen in many trials where there are women victims of violence. They are trying to implement secondary victimization, in order to make nerves break, to put victims in contradictions.”

Lo stupro di gruppo a Palermo, l’avvocato della ragazza: «La difesa tenta di screditarla»

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