Gaetano’s solitude as the only student in Ustica: “I want to stay on the island I love”

The article describes Gaetano Caminita, a 19-year-old student from Ustica, an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, who took his high school exams alone in a classroom due to being the only student in his class. He chose a topic on profiles, selfies, and blogs for his Italian exam and will also take the Economics exam. Gaetano’s calm and confident demeanor during the exams impressed school officials, who emphasized the importance of education in all regions. Gaetano plans to stay on the island and work in the tourism industry like his parents. The article also mentions Gaetano’s role in a film and provides background information on the school he attended.

La solitudine di Gaetano, l’unico maturando di Ustica: «Voglio rimanere nell’isola, che amo tanto»

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