Furnari, carcass of a loggerhead sea turtle found

A approximately 40 kg loggerhead sea turtle, in a state of decomposition, was found along the coast of Furnari, in the Messina region, in front of the Tindari Village Camping. The presence of the turtle was reported by the owner of the tourist facility who alerted the port authorities of Milazzo. The intervention of the experimental zooprophylactic institute of Sicily was requested. The recovery was carried out by Rosa La Malfa, a volunteer from Milazzo belonging to Marevivo, authorized for the operation, executed based on an agreement between the institute, the Amp of Capo Milazzo and Marevivo, as support for monitoring activities of strandings, studying the causes of mortality and preventing hygiene and health issues arising from the decomposition of stranded carcasses. “The death of these creatures always represents a serious loss,” says Fabio Galluzzo of Marevivo, “the causes are almost all attributable to marine pollution and fishing gear dispersed at sea, which become real lethal weapons for sea turtles. There are many initiatives to address this emergency that puts the survival of sea turtles at risk, but unfortunately, the strong pollution and the significant presence of ghost nets in the seabed will not put an end to this sad outcome.”

Furnari, ritrovata la carcassa di una tartaruga caretta caretta

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