Funeral of Samuele Fuschi at San Francesco Saverio church in Ballarò

The Albergheria district is preparing to bid farewell to Samuele Fuschi and some residents of the neighborhood are starting a solidarity contest to support the family also from an economic point of view. The wake has been set up at the father’s house of the victim, at the corner of via Albergheria and via del Giudice, where many people have gone to pay tribute to the father of four children who died on Thursday in the tragic car accident on the ring road.

The funeral is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday, May 20) at 10.30 in the church of San Francesco Saverio, in the heart of Ballarò, the neighborhood where the young man was originally from. Many remember Samuele Fuschi with emotion and emphasize: “How can one die from a pothole, how is it possible for this to happen? There is an entire city reduced to a pit and they are not doing anything.”

Friends, in messages on social media, describe him as a man who never backed down, who despite difficulties did not get discouraged. “Attached to his children and wife,” says Giovanni, “he lived for them, he would have done anything to make sure they lacked nothing and after so many sacrifices, his life ended like this, because of a pothole. We are all devastated.” Michele writes: “How can one die from a damn pothole on the Viale Regione Siciliana? You can’t die like this, I am really sorry and condolences to the family. Samuele was a person who had a whole life ahead of him, I join in the family’s grief.” And again: “My friend, you left everyone shocked. You who were a lively, cheerful, humble young man” writes Giuseppe. “Give strength to your family and protect your children, may God welcome you in his arms.”

“On the ring road, life is at risk every day,” adds Giovanna, “the asphalt is in terrible condition. Why did someone have to die? What a sorrow, dear Samu, what pain. We still can’t believe it. A hug to your wonderful family.”

A Ballarò i funerali di Samuele Fuschi nella chiesa di San Francesco Saverio

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