Fugitive Ruisi on the run for six days, Valguarnera crime search unsuccessful

The Carabinieri and the police are tirelessly searching for Guglielmo Ruisi, a 51-year-old construction entrepreneur, who is suspected and wanted for the murder of Salvatore Roberto Scamacca, a 47-year-old worker killed on October 10th in the center of Valguarnera. After 6 days, there is still no sign of Ruisi and his Mercedes, which he used to escape after shooting at least three gunshots at Scamacca. The Sicilian Hunting Squadron of the Carabinieri is also involved in the search. Phone interceptions have yielded no results, and it is believed that the alleged murderer may have disposed of his phone. According to the investigation, Scamacca encountered Ruisi while driving his Panda, and was shot by Ruisi himself. The two had harbored long-standing grievances since 2018 due to a dispute over a carnival float. Upon being hit, Scamacca lost control of his car, crashing into a fruit vendor’s van and hitting the vendor and an elderly customer, Nunzia Arena, 86, who died a few hours later in the hospital from severe injuries caused by the impact. The search for Ruisi began immediately, but he seems to have disappeared. Meanwhile, after the autopsy, Scamacca’s body has been returned to his family, and funeral arrangements have been made. The funerals for Scamacca and Nunzia Arena will be held tomorrow at the Mother Church of Valguarnera.

Il delitto di Valguarnera, Ruisi è in fuga da sei giorni: le ricerche finora senza esito

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