From Germany to Sicily with his two donkeys: the record journey of a seventy-year-old German.

An adventurous 70-year-old German retiree named Anton Pfeiffer recently completed an unusual tour around the province of Agrigento in Sicily. He embarked on a journey from Munich with his two faithful companions, Bella and Donna, two donkeys that accompanied him every step of the way. Pfeiffer, a retired manager, walked through Italy, seeking shelter and food for his donkey friends. Nothing deterred him, not even extreme weather conditions. After taking a ferry from Villa San Giovanni to Messina, he ventured onto the island and completed 15-20 kilometers of leisurely walking each day. Pfeiffer had previously completed a similar trip through Italy three years ago, ending in Rome.

Dalla Germania alla Sicilia con le sue due asinelle: il viaggio da record di un settantenne tedesco

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