From Canoa da Mazara to Torretta Granitola: an environmentalist couple’s plastic collection mission

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In a canoe from Mazara del Vallo to Torretta Granitola (in the photo), almost 10 kilometers of coastline in Trapani, collecting surface plastic. The enterprise they carried out is called “I’m zero pact”. Simone La Barbera, originally from Mazara and a physical education teacher in the province of Ferrara, and his partner Alice Rita Cocco completed the journey. They combined slow travel with environmental protection: “this allowed us to appreciate the characteristics of the landscape more and enjoy the sounds, colors, and smells of nature,” said La Barbera. Despite being in the eighth month of pregnancy, Cocco got into the canoe with a paddle in hand. In July of last year, the couple circumnavigated almost the entire province of Trapani (approximately 125 kilometers), from Mazara del Vallo to Castellammare del Golfo, sleeping in tents in campsites along the way. They also collected surface plastic found at sea (bags, bottles, cups) on that occasion.

In canoa da Mazara a Torretta Granitola raccogliendo plastica, l’impresa di una coppia ambientalista

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