Friendship pact between Siculiana and Imola in the name of Ayrton Senna, a timeless champion


The municipalities of Siculiana and Imola have signed a friendship pact signed by the respective mayors, Giuseppe Zambito and Marco Panieri, who have placed their signature under the dome of the sanctuary of the Black Christ of the agrigentino country, illuminated, last night, in celebration by fireworks.

The common thread that unites the city of Imola with the Sicilian village is Ayrton Senna, the beloved Brazilian Formula One driver who was three-time world champion and who this year marks the thirtieth anniversary of his death.

The connection between Ayrton Senna and Siculiana dates back to when the champion’s ancestors leave their land and embark on the journey to Brazil. This is evidenced by the documents found thanks to the intuition of Mayor Zambito.

The stories of the discovery and the family were told by journalists Giacinto Pipitone and Anna Restivo, while the project of the multimedia museum in augmented reality dedicated to Senna was presented by architects Francesco Ferla and Salvatore Nigrelli.

“On the part of our two communities there is the desire to pass on to the new generations, the man Ayrton Senna as an example of life, and not just the champion as an example in sport,” say the mayor of Siculiana Giuseppe Zambito and the mayor of Imola Marco Panieri. “The project of the museum ‘Ayrton Senna: call to Origins’ in Siculiana stems from tourism of roots and meeting in this research path the beloved Formula 1 driver was something extraordinary and unexpected. The museum is born for this, to narrate the origins of Ayrton and somehow bring him back home. He is united to Giovanna Magro, his great-grandmother. His is an extraordinary story, of emigration like many others, but also of courage, values, and faith. All elements that we find in the essence of Ayrton and in the attention he paid to the most fragile, which still makes him an idol for young people.”

Patto di amicizia tra Siculiana e Imola nel nome di Ayrton Senna, campione oltre il tempo

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