Freddie Mercury myth in Abreu’s voice, concert in Palermo

The article talks about the incredible resemblance and vocal extension of André Abreu to Freddie Mercury. Abreu, a Brazilian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer, is part of a production that pays tribute to the band Queen and is currently touring internationally. The show, Queen celebration concert, will be arriving in Italy for the first time and aims to mesmerize not only those who miss the iconic English band, but also anyone who appreciates rock music. The performance is not just a concert or tribute, but a musical immersion into the world of Queen, featuring electrifying performances, impeccable costumes, and a mix of rock and classic sounds. Abreu, who plays the role of Freddie Mercury, mentions his childhood influence by Queen and how he aims to recreate the energy of the band’s famous concerts. The show includes a live orchestra to enhance the atmosphere and recreate the legendary Queen experience. The production company behind the show is Boom Producao, in collaboration with We4Show and Menti Associate for the European tour.

Il mito Freddie Mercury nella voce di Abreu, concerto a Palermo

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