Four migrants with burns and intoxications landed in Lampedusa

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Four migrants, suffering from hydrocarbon poisoning, burns, hypothermia, and scabies, were transferred from the NGO ship Sea Watch 5 to the coast guard patrol boat Cp319, which landed them in Lampedusa. The medical evacuation took place during the night. The migrants, Pakistanis and Eritreans, were taken to the island’s outpatient clinic, where, at dawn, two were discharged and taken to the hotspot in Contrada Imbriacola.

The crew of the ship Sea Watch 5 had reported yesterday that a 17-year-old migrant had died after being rescued along with around fifty people who were on a wooden boat at risk of sinking in the central Mediterranean. The ship had also requested medical evacuation for 4 injured individuals.

The group rescued by the humanitarian ship, according to the statements of the migrants brought to Lampedusa, departed from Zuwara in Libya.

Quattro migranti con ustioni e intossicazioni sbarcati a Lampedusa

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