Four car washes seized in Agrigento for discharging untreated water on land and in sewers

Four car washes seized in the province of Agrigento for environmental pollution. Two are located in the center of the city of the Temples and in the Villaseta district. The inspections were carried out by the Arpa and the Saf of the fire brigade, who took samples of soil and various materials. Now we are waiting for the examination to understand the extent of environmental pollution. In one of the two car washes, some illegally placed boxes were also seized.

The owners of the two car washes, a seventy-year-old and a forty-year-old, have been reported to the prosecutor’s office. From the investigations, it emerged that for years they discharged untreated water.

Seizures also in Licata, this time the inspections were carried out by the Harbor Master’s Office. From the checks carried out, it emerged that two car washes would have discharged directly on the land or in the sewers without any filtering system. In this case too, the owners have been referred to the judicial authority.

Agrigento, sequestrati quattro autolavaggi: scaricavano acque non depurate sui terreni e nelle fogne

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