Four arrested in Catania anti-robbery operation, including one in Campobello di Licata

Nine people were arrested by the State Police of Catania in an operation called “Broken Chain” targeting a robbery gang. Seven have been placed in prison and two under house arrest. The charges include association for the commission of various crimes against property, including robbery, extortion, theft, drug trafficking, and weapons possession. The investigations lasted from October 2022 to December 2023 and revealed a criminal organization engaged in a series of robberies in Catania and surrounding areas. The gang was organized with a pyramidal structure and led by Antonino Patanè, assisted by Mario Cavallaro and Sebastiano Cosentino. The group had access to weapons, stolen cars, and logistical bases for planning illegal activities. The investigations also revealed a violent nature during the execution of the robberies. Additionally, the gang was involved in small-scale marijuana trafficking, with around 400 grams being seized during the operation.

Nove gli arrestati dell’operazione antirapine di Catania: quattro i colpi commessi, uno a Campobello di Licata

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