Former Mayor of Tremestieri Santi Rando remains in prison after Catania investigation

The article discusses a recent investigation, known as “Operation Pandora,” into alleged organized crime infiltration and corruption at the Tremestieri Etneo City Hall. The article mentions that the former mayor, Santi Rando, has been placed under house arrest for alleged political-mafia exchange, while Piero Cosentino is accused of acting as a liaison between Rando and the Santapaola-Ercolano clan. The pharmacist and city councilor Mario Ronsisvalle is also under house arrest for allegedly corrupt activities. Additionally, Luca Sammartino, prominent member of the Lega party in Sicily, has resigned from his position as vice president of the Sicilian Region and Agriculture assessor due to his involvement in the investigation. Sammartino’s lawyer has appealed against the decision to suspend him from public duties.

L’inchiesta di Catania, resta in carcere l’ex sindaco di Tremestieri Santi Rando

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