Floods: Esa initiates safety measures for rivers and streams in Sicily

Interventions have begun on the artificial Panebianco canal in Siracusa, which has been affected by significant hydraulic issues that caused flooding and damage to many lands in February. The works are being carried out by Esa, an agency of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture that also handled the project design, and are funded by the River Authority of the Sicilian Regional Presidency. Following the flood, the Schifani government declared a state of emergency for the southeast Sicily region and allocated €20 million for restoration works on rivers, canals, and lands. This is the first of a series of interventions led by Esa in collaboration with irrigation consortiums and under the supervision of the River Authority. Other watercourses that were affected, such as Gornalunga, Anapo, Dirillo, and the Ficuzza stream, will also be addressed in the future.