Five convictions in major drug trafficking case in Licata

The judge of Palermo Stefania Brambille has sentenced five people involved in a large drug trafficking operation in Licata to over half a century in prison. The trial, held in an abbreviated form, is a branch of the Palermo Dda operation called Hybris. The highest sentence, 20 years, was given to Michele Cavaleri, who was considered by investigators to be the head of the criminal organization. The accusation in court was represented by prosecutors Francesca Dessì and Pierangelo Padova.

At the top of the gang, which was based in Licata, in the Bronx neighborhood, according to the accusation, was Cavaleri. The traffickers had created a sort of fortress monitored 24 hours a day to avoid police checks.

The investigation that led to the trial resulted in the arrest of 25 people. Three proceedings were opened as a result of the investigation. The organization purchased and resold huge quantities of cocaine in the neighborhood that was closely monitored by cameras and lookouts. In addition to Cavaleri, Concetta Marino was sentenced to 15 years and 8 months; Angelo Sorriso to 8 years and 2 months; Lillo Serravalle to 11 years and 6 months; and Ferdinando Serravalle to 9 years.

Maxi traffico di droga a Licata, cinque condanne

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