Five arrests made in Palermo Todis robbery, caught on camera

The police have arrested five people in Palermo, accused of theft and aggravated robbery, extortion, receiving stolen goods, and illegal possession of weapons, on the order of the judge. On February 4th of last year, the five carried out a robbery at the Todis supermarket in via Roccazzo, in the Sicilian capital, stealing 2,870 euros. Four entered the supermarket and a fifth acted as a lookout while driving a Lancia Y with a covered license plate. Thanks to surveillance system images, the Mobile Squad traced the culprits, who are also under investigation for car theft and extortion using the “horse return” technique, where owners pay a sum to get their cars back.

La rapina al Todis di Palermo, scattano cinque arresti: incastrati dalle telecamere

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