First wireless pacemakers implanted in Sicily, in Palermo and Ragusa

In Sicily, the implantation of a new wirelessly, fully intracardiac pacemaker with high longevity has begun. The first successful implants of the device, which is smaller than a mini-stylus battery, took place at the Giovanni Paolo II Hospital in Ragusa and the Civico Hospital in Palermo. The Cardiology and Electrophysiology division in Ragusa and the Electrophysiology department in Palermo are among the first centers in Europe, and the first in Sicily, to use this technology. The pacemaker, called Aveir VR, is designed for treating patients with bradycardia. Unlike traditional pacemakers that are implanted in a subcutaneous chest pocket and transmit impulses to the heart through wires, this device is completely intracardiac, weighing only a few grams. The new device has a battery life of over 10 years and can be replaced with a new device once the battery is depleted. This technology marks a new era in the field of pacemakers, with Ragusa leading the way in Europe.

In Sicilia i primi pacemaker senza fili, impiantati a Palermo e Ragusa

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