First set photos for Andò’s film on the Mille: Ficarra and Picone play a farmer and an illusionist.

The Palermo director Roberto Andò revealed at Cannes today that he is working on a new adventure film called “The Deception,” which follows the exploits of Garibaldi and the Thousand in 1860. The film, a collaboration between Medusa, Rai Cinema, Tramp Limited, Bibi Film, and Netflix, is a €18 million production set to be released in theaters on January 16th and later on TV. The story follows Garibaldi as he leads the Thousand from Quarto to Marsala, facing challenges from the Bourbon army. The cast includes Toni Servillo, Salvo Ficarra, Valentino Picone, and Tommaso Ragno. Servillo plays Colonel Vincenzo Giordano Orsini, while Ficarra and Picone portray two unconventional members of Garibaldi’s forces. Additional cast members include Giulia Andò, Pascal Greggory, and Leonardo Maltese. Andò describes the film as a mix of drama and comedy, reflecting the idealism of the historical period and the compromises made by Garibaldi.

L’abbaglio, arrivano le prime foto di scena del film di Andò sui Mille: Ficarra e Picone sono un contadino e un illusionista

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