Fires reignite in Palermo and Trapani provinces: Largest one in Caccamo.

The long hot summer in Sicily seems to have no end. On another red alert day for the risk of fires on the island, there are already fires in the provinces of Palermo and Trapani. The largest fire is in the Musotto area in Caccamo, where several firefighting teams and forest rangers are at work. The flames, driven by the sirocco wind, spread within a few minutes and even aerial intervention was necessary. The area is far from residential areas, but difficult to access. There’s also a fire in the Piano Stoppa area in Misilmeri, where firefighters are trying to contain the flames as quickly as possible and prevent other areas, already heavily affected by fires in July and September, from being involved. In Palermo, there are also flames in the flowerbeds of the road divider on viale Regione Siciliana. Fires are also reported near the former Motel Agip and the former Grande Migliore. The smoke has affected multiple lanes, reducing visibility for drivers and causing heavy traffic delays. In the province of Trapani, fire has engulfed hectares of Mediterranean scrubland on Monte Luziano, in the Buseto Palizzolo area. The fire broke out during the night and was still not under control in the morning. The mayor, Francesco Poma, expressed his bitterness: “I am deeply saddened by what happened in Monte Luziano. It is truly shocking to hear that irresponsible people have started a fire that put people’s lives at risk and caused significant damage.” The mayor commends the work of those involved in fighting the fire: “Firefighters are still battling the flames. It is important to recognize the importance of the work of firefighters and volunteer citizens who have joined forces to fight the fire and protect lives and properties in the area. These brave individuals deserve our recognition and gratitude for their heroic efforts.” He then appeals to the public: “It is essential to fight against those who commit such destructive acts and endanger the safety of people and the environment, so I hope for collaboration between the community and the authorities to tackle this challenge. Reporting suspicious behavior and assisting investigations can be a way to ensure that those responsible for arson are stopped and punished. Protecting the environment is a responsibility for all of us. Preserving and safeguarding our natural environment is essential to ensure a sustainable future for future generations. Long live solidarity and collaboration between the community and law enforcement. These are fundamental gestures in times of crisis like this.” The photo shows the fire on Monte Luziano (from the Facebook page of the mayor of Buseto Palizzolo, Francesco Poma).

Ripartono gli incendi nelle province di Palermo e Trapani: il più vasto a Caccamo

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