Fire near the Forum of Palermo sparks fear in the Corso dei Mille area.

Wildfires have devastated the province of Palermo, spreading to the city itself. A large fire broke out in a parking lot near the Forum shopping center in the Brancaccio district, causing alarm throughout the Corso dei Mille area. The flames were eventually brought under control after several tense hours, made more difficult by gusts of wind. Meanwhile, six Canadair planes and five firefighting helicopters have been deployed since early morning to combat over fifty fires in various parts of the island. President of the region, Renato Schifani, has been in constant communication with the commander of the Forest Corps and the head of regional Civil Protection. Schifani acknowledges that the situation is improving thanks to the massive intervention of personnel and resources to prevent the fires from spreading. However, there are still challenges in the Messina area, where four Canadair planes have been sent. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported so far. Many organizations, including forest rangers, volunteers from the Civil Protection, firefighters, and military personnel, are working tirelessly to protect those threatened by these intentional acts of environmental destruction. The president expressed his concern for the tourists forced to flee the beaches of Trapani as they were surrounded by flames. Currently, two Canadair planes are stationed in Salemi, two in Messina, and two in Montagnareale. Helicopters are active in Palermo, Trapani, and Messina.

Incendio vicino al Forum di Palermo, paura nella zona di corso dei Mille

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