Fire in the Mazzarà Sant’Andrea landfill, Canadair in action: deliberate fire started from nearby land

An extensive fire is developing in the Mazzarà Sant’Andrea landfill, on the Tyrrhenian coast of Messina. The flames had already licked it yesterday. On site, to support the firefighters, helicopters from the regional Forestry Corps and Canadair have been sent.

The firefighters of the Messina command are still engaged in extinguishing operations at the Mazzarà Sant’Andrea landfill. Many forces are deployed: tankers, pump tankers, pick-ups with firefighting modules, Canadair aircraft, and a helicopter from the fire department. Currently, 5 teams of firefighters are operating, specialized personnel in topography applied to level 2 rescue, a team for nuclear bacteriological chemical and radioactivity interventions, Dos personnel (Director for extinguishing operations), Falco 10, Geronimo Sh64, Erikson, and Canadair Can 18. The earthmoving vehicles unit (Mmt) has been alerted at the request of the Messina Command, and vehicles from the Catania Command will be sent to carry out the material removal. Further aerial intervention has been requested to send another Canadair. Carabinieri, local police, civil protection, and Arpa are present at the scene.

The fire at the Mazzarrà Sant’Andrea landfill, in Messina, started from the dry Mazzarrà stream and then spread. The flames first reached the brushwood in the old landfill, now unused, and from there to the active landfill, covered by a burning tarpaulin, where the water jets from the aerial vehicles are creating conditions for ground intervention with mechanical shovels and bulldozers to move the piled-up waste and create a firebreak. Canadair and helicopters, in the dark, will not be able to take off.

“The urban area – says the mayor of Mazzarrà Sant’Andrea, Carmelo Navarra – for the moment is preserved from smoke, because the wind blows towards the sea, downstream of the town. We hope the direction doesn’t change”. Even in the nearby town of Furnari, the situation is currently not a health risk. Mayor Navarra has little doubt about the intentional nature of the fire started in the stream area.

Incendio nella discarica di Mazzarà Sant’Andrea, canadair in azione: rogo doloso partito da un terreno vicino

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