Fire in Palermo apartment on Viale del Fante due to short circuit in veranda.

Fortunately, just a scare on Viale del Fante 56, in Palermo, where around 13:45 a fire broke out inside the veranda of an apartment on the third floor. A column of black smoke rose into the sky and alarmed the residents of the building who immediately notified the firefighters, the building’s porter, and the condominium administrator. Two fire teams arrived on the scene and extinguished the flames caused by a household appliance, likely a short circuit, containing the fire to the external veranda only. The residents were evacuated for safety but quickly returned to their homes. The owner of the property and a firefighter, who slipped during the intervention, were taken to the hospital as a precaution. “I heard the screams of the lady and the smell of burning,” a neighbor said. “After realizing the situation, we immediately alerted the firefighters.” “Everyone is fine,” the building’s porter said. “For now, the elevators are out of service: water entered during the firefighting operations, which we thank for their promptness, and now we need to assess whether they need repairs or if they can be used safely.”

Palermo, corto circuito in un appartamento in viale del Fante: veranda in fiamme

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