Fire in Castellammare, fire on Mount Inici: a Canadair in action

After a day of work and when it was thought that the fire had been brought under control, shortly after midnight the fire resumed its path on the mountain of Inici in Castellammare del Golfo. The area currently affected by the fire is the Firriato area. The resurgence of flames occurred due to the wind.

The high flames on the mountain were visible from the town throughout the night. A real hell of fire. These are areas that are not accessible by land. On site are forest rangers, firefighters, and the Civil Protection association Firerescue.

The fire had erupted on the mountain overlooking Castellammare del Golfo late in the morning of Tuesday, May 7th and had been extinguished only around 8:15 pm, with the intervention of two Canadair planes.

During the night the fire resumed. This morning, a Canadair arrived to support the ground personnel. At the moment, no homes have been evacuated.

Incendio a Castellammare, ancora fuoco su monte Inici: in azione un canadair

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