Fire at the Gela International Karting Track: Malicious intent not ruled out

Fear at the international karting track in Gela, where a fire broke out. The flames spread within a few minutes and destroyed much of the green area along the perimeter of the facility and several tires along the track.

When the alarm was raised, the fire department arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire, preventing it from spreading further. The police also conducted investigations on site to determine the cause of the fire. The investigations are ongoing: a deliberate motive is not excluded, as a bag with a dead animal inside was also found at the entrance of the facility.

The hypothesis is that it was an act of intimidation. Last year, also in mid-June, a fire broke out in the external area of the karting track, along the road connecting to Butera. In that case, three streetlights of the public lighting system were severely damaged, and only the intervention of the fire department from Caltanissetta prevented further damage.

The surveillance cameras in the area are being reviewed, and important details may emerge to identify those responsible.

Incendio al kartodromo internazionale di Gela: non si esclude l’origine dolosa

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