Ficarazzi: A Corner on the Beach for Kisses – The Crucicchia Kiss Zone is Born

The Kiss Zone has arrived in Ficarazzi, at the Crucicchia beach in Palermo province. In recent months, the photo opportunity sign for kissing had also been placed in the nearby village of Aspra, by the Municipality of Bagheria. However, this time it was a private initiative. The manager of the Crucicchia Albatros beach, Atanasio Lo Cascio, installed a sign on the beach that was immediately appreciated by young people. It is an invitation to kiss, an opportunity to do so in a fun and social way. Mothers and children, young couples, and friends all take advantage of the Kiss Zone to capture a photo to share.

Ficarazzi, in spiaggia un angolo per i baci: nasce la kiss zone alla Crucicchia

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