Fear in Giardini Naxos: a large sinkhole opens up on the waterfront

Fear on the seafront of Giardini Naxos, where a large sinkhole has opened up. The collapse occurred suddenly: the cement platform next to the retaining wall collapsed and the pavement slid inwards. The consequences could have been very serious, considering that the seafront of the well-known town in Messina is daily frequented by citizens and many tourists who also crowd it in winter. When the alarm was raised, the technicians of the municipality arrived on the scene, carried out an inspection and secured the area, prohibiting passage. Further investigations will be necessary to continue with a restoration intervention. Checks are also underway on the causes of the collapse. A similar episode occurred some time ago on the seafront of Maria Teresa Riva, also in the province of Messina. A huge sinkhole opened up on the pavement and only after many months was the area made safe again.

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