Fear at Burger King in Palermo, kitchen fire: one person intoxicated

Fear for a fire that broke out at Burger King, in Viale Regione Siciliana, in Palermo, near the roundabout of Via Belgio. According to initial information, the flames would have started in the kitchen area, for reasons still to be verified, causing a high column of smoke.

The flames affected the upper part of the roof of the kitchen area, where there are systems serving the activity. The firefighters delimited the fire, preventing the flames from involving the interior premises.

The clients of the restaurant were evacuated before the arrival of the firefighters. During the operations, six teams were engaged and the aerial ladder was also used to ensure intervention from above. The extinguishing operations have ended, with the firefighters now investigating to understand the causes of the fire.

On the spot, there were also police, emergency services, and the Amg company for the checks of competence. The medical staff are assisting a young person who would have been intoxicated by the smoke but from the first information, there are no other injuries.

Paura al Burger King di Palermo, incendio nelle cucine: una persona intossicata

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