Favignana to receive 400m EUR investment for marine ecosystems

Four hundred million euros for the restoration and protection of seabeds and marine habitats. The largest project ever launched in Europe. An important opportunity for the Egadi Islands and all the communities living by the sea. The plan, announced last March, was presented by the director general of the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Maria Siclari, during the first day of the Summer School of Geomorphology, Ecology, and Biology in Marine and Island Environment, which opened yesterday in Favignana.”We must be ready to face the emergency of climate change. It is necessary to strengthen the observation system of marine and coastal ecosystems. Our Institute provides the largest project ever launched up to now in Europe concerning the sea. Four hundred million euros for interventions to be carried out between 2022 and 2026 for restoration but also protection of marine habitats through a complex activity that includes the acquisition of a large oceanographic naval unit capable of surveying depths up to 4,000 meters.” Scholars and researchers will discuss issues related to the conservation of marine and island environments in Favignana until Saturday. “An important opportunity for debate with the main operators involved in the management of marine ecosystems, both from a geomorphological and biological point of view,” says Salvatore Livreri Console, director of the Egadi Islands Marine Protected Area. “The management capacities of the Marine Protected Area will be proposed and tested by the study group, from which we expect to receive a great contribution in terms of management models and research.” “This important event shows that Favignana and the Egadi Islands can be, and are already becoming, a center of cultural propulsion,” says Mayor Francesco Forgione. “The environment, the sea, nature, and fishing are central topics. We want the heart of the Mediterranean to increasingly develop a movement for the protection and defense of the environment and its enhancement.”

Favignana, col Pnrr 400 milioni di interventi per gli ecosistemi marini

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