Favara remembers little Pompeo and all forgotten mafia victims

Inaugurated in Favara, in the province of Agrigento, the panels that commemorate “forgotten heroes”, as defined by Mayor Antonio Palumbo, those mafia victims who are never mentioned. Among them is the one dedicated to Stefano Pompeo, the 11-year-old boy who was killed in the evening of April 21, 1999, reached by gunshots while he was on a off-road vehicle owned by a suspected boss of Cosa Nostra, between Favara and Agrigento. The killers were convinced they had eliminated their target, but it was the little Stefano who died, the son of parents who had nothing to do with the mafia. The boy, a lover of cars, had climbed onto the off-road vehicle for a ride.

It was a celebration of legality different from previous years. After the parade of vintage cars and motorcycles, the route led to the cemetery of Piana Traversa, for a tribute to Stefano Pompeo, with the laying of flowers and a moment of prayer. Then the visit to the stele of the blessed judge Rosario Livatino and the stop in via Padre Pino Puglisi and corso Vittorio Veneto to remember the blessed, Gaetano Guarino and the little Stefano Pompeo.

The panels – donated by the Legality Relay – at the moment of their unveiling, elicited emotion. “I cannot believe that someone knows something – Mayor Antonio Palumbo reiterated -. It is time to give justice and dignity to the entire community of Favara, not just the family. And it is necessary to reaffirm that justice is for this world.”

Favara, ricordato il piccolo Pompeo e tutte le vittime di mafia dimenticate

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