Father and son report car theft after setting a confiscated vehicle on fire in Canicattì.

An man allegedly burned a car that was seized and then reported it stolen. It happened in Canicattì, in the Villaggino area, where two people were reported by the police. According to the investigation conducted by the police officers, led by the chief commissioner Gerlando Scimè, the story emerged and the two were reported. The first was referred to the public prosecutor’s office of Agrigento for the alleged crime of theft and damage to things seized during a criminal procedure and simulation of a crime. The parent, on the other hand, was reported for negligent violation of the duties concerning the custody of seized things. The father, in fact, got into trouble because he was the material custodian of the vehicle.

Canicattì, incendia l’auto sequestrata e poi ne denuncia il furto: denunciati padre e figlio

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