Fatal incident in Alcamo: 77-year-old crushed by own car.

Fatal accident this morning in the countryside of Alcamo. Giuseppe Nicolosi, a 77-year-old retired man from Alcamo, was crushed to death by his own car, which overturned after sliding down a slope. The man, driving a Fiat Panda, was traveling along a cross-country path in contrada Fico, a rural area located between Alcamo and Partinico, when he suddenly lost control of the vehicle, possibly due to the presence of mud after heavy rains in the past few days. The Alcamo municipal police arrived at the scene in the morning, alerted by Nicolosi’s relatives who, unable to reach the elderly man by phone, asked for help from the authorities to locate him. The police also went to the scene of the accident.

The initial evidence suggests that the accident was a tragic accident, according to the municipal police. The seventy-seven-year-old man, who left home at dawn, had arrived at the scene around 7 am. It is presumed that the man died instantly. According to an initial reconstruction by the municipal police, he had exited the car after it partially slid off the road, but while trying to get the vehicle back on track, possibly pushing it with his own hands, he was overwhelmed with no chance of survival.

Incidente mortale ad Alcamo, anziano di 77 anni schiacciato dalla sua auto

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