Farmer overturns with tractor in Menfi: critical condition, helicopter rescue called

Workers accidents continue in Sicily and another farmer has ended up in the hospital after being seriously injured. It happened in Menfi, where the man was working on a piece of land. He was in a rural area on the outskirts of the town when the accident occurred: he suddenly overturned with his tractor, ending up under the vehicle.

When the alarm was raised, the paramedics from the 118 emergency service immediately arranged for transfer to the hospital by helicopter. The man had suffered serious injuries to his legs and required admission to the Civic Hospital in Palermo. This is the third serious work-related accident in the province of Agrigento in a few days.

Yesterday, June 12, a sixty-year-old man was injured in Racalmuto: he was working in a field in the Zaccanello area when he became trapped between the wheels of the rototiller he was using and suffered deep leg wounds. The 118 paramedics arrived on the scene with an ambulance, providing initial care to the man, but due to his condition, helicopter assistance was requested. The man was then transferred to the hospital in Caltanissetta with a red code and admitted.

A few days earlier, in Licata, another farmer was seriously injured while working in his field. He suddenly lost control of the tractor, which overturned and ran him over. He ended up under the wheels of the out-of-control vehicle. He was plowing a piece of agricultural land in the Calanninsa area when the accident occurred. The 118 paramedics and firefighters immediately responded to the alarm.

Agricoltore si ribalta col suo trattore a Menfi: è grave, interviene l’elisoccorso

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