Farewell unforgettable Totò Pezzino, able to speak to everyone: publishers, writers, politicians, big entrepreneurs, and small artisans.


The article is a tribute to Dr. Pezzino, a renowned figure in the world of graphic arts. The author reminisces about their experiences with Dr. Pezzino, highlighting his expertise in typography and his impact on the industry. The author also praises Dr. Pezzino’s communication skills and his ability to work with a diverse range of clients, from publishers to politicians. The article also mentions Dr. Pezzino’s dedication to his work, his role in establishing a successful printing company, and his partnership with another influential figure in typography, Stefano Cosentino. The author reflects on their shared experiences with Dr. Pezzino and expresses their admiration for his legacy. Finally, the author mentions Dr. Pezzino’s son, who is continuing his father’s legacy. The article concludes with a reference to a shared love for a traditional Sicilian pastry, emphasizing the meaningful connection between the author and Dr. Pezzino.

Addio indimenticabile Totò Pezzino, sapevi parlare a tutti: editori, scrittori, politici, grandi imprenditori e piccoli artigiani

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