False alarm: Arrested in Calatabiano after claiming to have fallen off a cliff with a motorcycle

Contact 112 to report having fallen into a ravine with his motorcycle and being in danger, but it was an excuse to justify his absence from house arrest and to spend the night outside at a friend’s house, also using drugs.
This is the accusation contested by the District Attorney of Catania against 36-year-old Roberto Santo D’Allura, from Taormina, who was arrested by the Carabinieri of Calatabiano following a decree from the Supervisory Magistrate of ‘temporary suspension of house arrest with consequent order of imprisonment’. The man is being investigated for evasion and causing alarm.

After the request for help, a search plan was activated with the use of trained dogs by personnel from the Canine Carabinieri Unit of Nicolosi, assisted by the soldiers of the Eliportato Cacciatori Sicilia squadron. At the same time, the Prefecture of Catania had ordered the use of the fire department helicopter to fly over the search area, with the participation of volunteers from the “Magna Vis” association of Catania.

After over 24 hours from the request for help and 12 hours of searching, the man presented himself to the Carabinieri of Calatabiano, dressed in clean clothing, claiming to have spent the last 24 hours in the ravine where he allegedly fell off the motorcycle. However, the investigators of the Carabinieri, who had also initiated investigations simultaneously with the search, had already discovered that the man was not actually in life-threatening danger that night. In fact, he had first wandered between Taormina and Giardini Naxos and then also bought and used drugs, spending the night at a friend’s house. During his story, the 36-year-old was not even able to provide directions to find his motorcycle.

«Sono caduto con la moto in un dirupo», ma era un falso allarme: arrestato a Calatabiano

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