Falcone wins over 100k votes in European elections, secures second seat for Forza Italia

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The article talks about how Forza Italia was rewarded in the Islands constituency. According to party sources, the Fi-Nm list secured two seats for Brussels: Edy Tamajo and Marco Falcone. Tamajo received over 121,000 votes, while Falcone reached 100,000 votes. Third, ahead of the non-elected, is the top candidate Caterina Chinnici with over 93,000 preferences. Tamajo and Falcone, both members of Renato Schifani’s council, led the list. Forza Italia is the leading party in Sicily.

Schifani, “Sicily, a historic basin of consensus for Fi”

“These numbers confirm that our party is the natural meeting point for moderates of a liberal and Europeanist inspiration and confirm Sicily as a historic basin of consensus for Forza Italia,” says Renato Schifani, President of Forza Italia’s National Council. He also highlights the importance of the votes received as a sign of appreciation for the party’s political vision.

Overall, the article discusses Forza Italia’s success in Sicily and the responsibility it entails for party members holding public office.

Falcone incassa oltre 100 mila voti alle Europee: scatta il secondo seggio per Forza Italia

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