Extortionists now paid via invoice, Palermo anti-mafia commission warns of “decreasing tension”

The article talks about the ongoing extortion activities by the mafia in Sicily, their infiltration into legal economy, and alliances with foreign criminal organizations. The report by the regional Anti-Mafia commission highlights the mafia’s control through extortion and how they have expanded their influence through various illegal activities. The article also discusses the mafia’s involvement in drug trafficking, especially with the emergence of new drugs like crack. The mafia has also infiltrated legal economy sectors such as energy, waste management, tourism, and leisure activities. The report emphasizes the need for vigilance in awarding contracts and public services to prevent mafia influence.

Gli estortori ora si pagano con la fattura, l’allarme della commissione antimafia a Palermo: «C’è un calo di tensione»

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