Ex Blutec of Termini Imerese, appeal of excluded group. Unions: “Immediate discussion with the government”, Tamajo: “Unexpected”

The article explains that a legal challenge has been filed against the decision to award the sale of the former Blutec plant in Termini Imerese to Pelligra Italia holding. The challenge was brought forward by Sciara Holding Ltd and Smart City group, whose bid was not considered adequate by the special commissioners evaluating the proposals. The article discusses the legal actions taken by Sciara Holding and Smart City, as well as the concerns raised by trade union representatives regarding the impact on workers if the sale process is delayed. The article also includes statements from regional officials expressing support for the workers and the importance of ensuring their well-being.

Ex Blutec di Termini Imerese, il ricorso del gruppo escluso. I sindacati: «Subito un confronto con il governo», Tamajo: «Inaspettato»

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