European Elections: Polling stations reopened, yesterday 14.65% turnout overall, only 10.76% in Sicily.

The polling stations for the election day, the vote for the European elections, approximately 3,700 municipalities, and the renewal of the Regional Council of Piedmont reopened at 7 am. The polls will close today at 11 pm. The turnout recorded yesterday at 11 pm was 14.64%. There are over 51 million Italians called to vote for the European deadline, over 17 million for the local elections, and 3.6 million for the vote in Piedmont. The disaggregated data by constituency is as follows: North-West: 16.80%, North-East: 15.58%, Center: 15.82%, South: 12.55%, Islands: 10.57%. In Sicily, the turnout is at 10.76%.

Elezioni Europee: riaperti i seggi: ieri affluenza al 14,65% ma in Sicilia appena il 10, 76%

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